SUS in November 1990

Photo: Private

Visitor gets both impressed and shocked

In November1990 Julie Lydall and Carleen Irish from England visited SUS and wrote a colorful report that was published in News from Sabalamby Unnayan Samity in January 1991.

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1990: SUS NGO status is ratified

Margit Palokangas, in the middle of the picture, beside Begum Rokeya with an umbrella, brought a donation to SUS that made it possible to buy some land.  Photo: Manfred Stüber

From 1988 to 1990: Land purchased to build offices

So  many organizations, and donations from private persons helped lay the ground for SUS to buy land, build offices and gain NGO status with the right to receive foreign funding.

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SUS starts in the front room

1986.  Photo: Private

15 women in our small front room 

In SUS’ early days all activities took place in the house of Rokeya’s mother where Rokeya lived together with her siblings and daughter. ”We crowded 15 women and sewing machines into our front room”, she writes in her book:

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The 70s: organising women before SUS started


Victory Day, 16th of December 2012.  Photo: Mats Möller

Difficult times after liberation war

Really, it was an extraordinary time seeing the  flag of independence flying in the wind. A feeling of warmth spread in my heart and mind. I can remember the moment when I took off my burka after a long time and I joined the joyful  independence rally together with my colleague Razia Sultana. We sang loudly without fear: ”Amar  sonar Bangla, Ami tomay bhalo bashi”  (Oh my golden Bengal, I love you).

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Schysst jul 2016

Schysst Jul 2016. Bordet bemannades av styrelsen och några medlemmar.
På bilden Birgitta Persson, till höger,  med Annika Gillegård.   
Foto: Fariya Laila

Julmarknad gav 3 530 kronor

Den 3 och 4 december 2016 hade föreningen ett bord på Schysst Jul-marknaden som arrangerades av Föreninen Svalorna i ABF huset i Stockholm.

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Margit and Manne, long time supporters

Manfred Stüber and Margit Palokangas is a part of SUS’ Swedish network and have been engaged in SUS since the beginning.  Photo: Private

Commited to SUS since 1986

Manfred (Manne) Stüber and Margit Palokangas met Rokeya through SCI in 1986. They are still part of Rokeya’s Swedish network. Manfred tells the romantic story of how they met:

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Olof Meurling shared Rokeya’s dream

Olof Meurling shared Begum Rokeya’s dream of empowering the less fortunate and he became one of SUS earliest supporters.  Photo: Maj-Lis Koivisto

Beginning of a success story

Many of the early supporters of SUS were engaged in Service Civil International. Through that organization Olof Meurling met Begum Rokeya and that was the start of a lifelong support for SUS, and a success they never could have imagined in the mid 80s.

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